Bespoke Legal Services


Who We Work With

At Bespoke Legal Services, this comes with two answers:

Who we utilise to create the solutions you require.

Our Partners and Members who work directly with you, the client.

The Bigger Picture


Before we answer the two points above, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Our model is designed to provide you the client, with the most efficient, pleasant and cost effective fixed-fee solution for your needs.

Our Partners may be firms that provide you other services. They may also have introduced us to you, to provide you with one of our services.
BLS only utilise the skills of a trained Legal Services Consultant to act as the face to face person helping you to understand all the options.

This enables them to select a solution that benefits you best.

Returning to those questions;

Who do we utilise to provide the solutions?


Firstly, any legal advice is provided by a private practice Lawyer. Typically a Barrister from Harrington Street Chambers will fill this role. They will also do all other reserved activity, such as drafting of trusts and contracts. They can be appointed to act for you, if you have any other legal needs.

In preparing Wills and LPAs we utilise STEP (Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners) & IPW (Institute of Professional Willwriters) professionals to do this task for you.

The role of the Legal Services Consultant is to explain your options, based on your circumstances, enabling you to confidently and knowledgeably make the best decisions.

Who Are Our Partners?


Our Partners are businesses that wish to provide their clients with legal services, but to be able to maintain their ethos and professional relationship with you, the client.

This is achieved by utilising our services to provide these solutions. The partner firm will stay in contact with you, as it is normal in these circumstances for your personal contact in the business to assist us in providing the correct services.


Our members are a dedicated team of Legal Services Consultants, that are made available to you to guide you through the journey of education, solution and decision.

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