What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan consists of three elements:

Why It's Important To Consider Estate Planning


It is the most natural desire in the world – to pass on your hard-earned assets onto your family and loved ones.


But before that’s possible, there are legal costs, delays, tax authorities, potential former in-laws, creditors and local authorities eyeing up your estate.

We now have far more assets than ever before and at the same time families have become increasingly diverse and complicated. The threats to passing assets down our bloodline have increased;

One hundered years ago divorce and remarriage was rare and people retired at 65.
This combination of increased personal assets, together with the new threats of modern society means that estate planning should be a vital part of your financial planning toolkit if you own property and/or have children.

Put simply, having a basic Will is no longer likely to achieve your wishes.

You can avoid all of the threats to achieving your wishes, by putting in place a bespoke estate plan for you and your loved ones.
The foundations are the Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney, on top of which you can build your estate planning to protect and preserve your wealth.

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