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Taking Steps Towards Protecting Your Wealth

Whether you simply want to appoint your choice of guardians for your children, or need a robust estate plan, including family trusts and lasting power of attorney, that will protect family wealth for several generations, we are here to help and guide you through the legal process, known as Estate Planning.
Protecting wealth

Who We Are

Bespoke Legal Services is an experienced legal services company, specialising in Estate Planning and Commercial Contracts.

We utilise the skills of highly qualified people to help you to ensure your wealth goes to the right people, at the right time and in the most efficient manner.

Who We Work With

We work with many satisfied clients of our own and referrals from our clients.

Further to this we also work closely with other professionals such as solicitors, barristers, accountants & financial advisers, both serving their clients, but also utilising their skills to help our clients achieve their goals.

How We Work

Our initial consultation is always free and without obligation. It is our belief that we start with education and explanation so we can ensure you are fully aware of all the options based on your specific situation.

Based on this foundation you are best able to make informed decisions in respect of these very important matters.

Will Writing

What are the consequences to my family if I haven’t written a will?
Drawing up Wills
  • How would you feel if your home was inherited by someone else’s children rather than your own?
  • Can you afford for your estate to pay excessive or unnecessary legal fees?
  • What would you do if Social Services put your children into care?
Anyone who doesn’t have a Will is said to die intestate. The State then writes your Will for you.
This rarely matches your wishes. Mainly because it attempts to balance the rights of family members, with competing interests. If you have children, property or other assets over £5,000 you should have a valid up-to-date Will to ensure that your wishes, regarding the distribution of your estate, are known and followed.

When you have a Will your wishes will be respected after you have died. You can nominate the executors you want and appoint guardians of your choice, avoid costly legal fees and make gifts to loved ones. It also enables you to protect your home, mitigate Inheritance Tax and protect young beneficiaries.

Lasting Power of Attorney

At some point you may need someone to help with your financial or personal affairs.
Shouldn’t you be the one to decide who that is?

YouTube Video

See the BBC’s interview with Heather Bateman to learn more.

Lasting Power of Attorney
  • How would you feel if your family lost control of your affairs?
  • Shouldn’t you be the one to decide who looks after your affairs?
  • Are you aware of the costs, delays and implications when someone loses capacity?
An unfortunate result of us all living longer than ever before, is that we are now far more likely to lose the ability to manage our own affairs at some stage, whether as a result of an accident, illness or just old age.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA) complements your Will. It protects you and ensures your wishes are respected whilst you are alive. Your LPA allows you to choose the people you want to manage your affairs, in the way you would want.
This avoids long delays, substantial costs and often a loss of control to a court appointed a deputy.

Without an LPA, all your assets, including any joint accounts, will be frozen.

Wealth Preservation

How important is it for you to keep the wealth that you have created, in the hands of your loved ones?
Wealth Preservation
  • How would you feel if everything you owned went to someone else’s children?
  • How would you feel if your loved ones did not inherit your home?
  • Would you like to avoid expensive legal fees and lengthy delays?
Modern family structures are becoming more complicated. As individuals we’re also becoming wealthier than ever before. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are numerous threats that can prevent your estate from reaching its desired destination.

From expensive legal fees, to future relationships, resulting in sideways disinheritance, divorce, financial problems and     Inheritance Tax. There are now many ways in which your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance can be diluted, or even completely lost.

All of these can be avoided with carefully considered planning. Carried out at the right time and for the right reasons, ensuring that your estate planning documents are all up-to-date and fit for purpose – your wealth is protected for your chosen beneficiaries.

Family Trusts

  • Would you like to create a long-term family legacy?
  • How would you feel if your beneficiaries were deprived of their rightful inheritance?
  • How would you feel if your beneficiaries had to pay expensive legal fees or Inheritance Tax, unnecessarily?
Trusts have been used for hundreds of years to protect family wealth. Modern day Family Trusts ensure that your wealth remains within your family “bloodline” for many generations.

A Family Trust can mitigate, or completely avoid the need for probate (saving on average around £9,000 as well as long delays and lots of stress). A Family Trust can also avoid many of the “what if” type threats when passing your wealth down to your chosen beneficiaries.

If set up correctly a Family Trust can shelter property and other assets from a number of threats, ensuring your wishes are respected, giving you complete peace of mind.

When dealing with your estate, could forward planning make it much easier for your loved ones?
Family Trusts

Shareholder Agreements

  • If a situation in business creates a deadlock where a vote fails due to no majority, what does the business do to solve this and move on? Do your articles of association help or hinder?
  • If someone leaves your business through health, death, disagreement, or any other  reason, does you have the mechanism to deal with this, or could it create a major problem for those who remain?
  • If someone isn’t pulling their weight in your business and nothing is agreed in advance, are you prepared to put up with it, or will you fall out about it?
Every year many businesses find themselves in hugely difficult situations, often created by internal conflict or unforeseen situations.
Many businesses will experience problems, where partners have different expectations from the business and each other. By the time these sorts of situations occur it can be incredibly difficult to agree a solution.
As such it seems common sense to pre-empt any problems with a bespoke shareholder agreement.

On the basis it is far better to prevent than cure, a bespoke shareholder agreement will allow the business to have visibility of potential issues and an agreed route to deal with them.
This allows your business to continue and move forward in an environment that is free from preventable disputes and unexpected situations.

If you don’t have a good up to date Shareholder Agreement, do you know the risks and consequences?
Shareholder Agreements
We believe that any solution should be tailored to you. Consequently we offer a range of shareholder agreements from a low cost solution, for new startups or small businesses, a standard solution that will be sufficient for most businesses and a more complex option for those who need more.

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We are here to provide help, advice and guidance in plain English.
Our aim is to help you to understand your options and make the right decisions.

Our initial estate planning consultation is without any obligation.

Our consultation process has been specifically designed to be interactive and user friendly whilst being  empathetic and professional.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find out what your options are?

For your protection we are experienced and insured. All reserved legal activity is completed by private practice lawyers.

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